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Testimonials about Guardian Angel Foods

Many people are generous enough to share with us special moments from their daily life with food allergies as well as testimonials regarding Guardian Angel Foods. We have decided to open a special section on this website to share these moments… This page belongs to you. 

Don’t hesitate to write us!


PictureWe wanted to thank you so much for making easter so happy for our two little girls who suffer from milk and egg allergies. Our 5 year old was asking us if the easter bunny would come to our house this year. 

When she woke up easter morning and saw the chocholate bunny beside her bed she looked sad, I pointed out your sticker and the biggest smile I ever seen appeared on her faced. She screamed to her little sister that they could eat the bunny.

Thanks again for such wonderful products and thanks to you they can finally have a normal looking birthday cake.

Tammy L.

Thanks so much for the chocolates. We ordered them for the Easter weekend and they arrived early. When my kids opened the package, they said "oh it's just chocolates". Usually when they see chocolates, they know it's not for them and it's for the adults, so they were a bit disappointed. 

But when I told them that these were special chocolates with no milk and no eggs, they were ecstatic. They couldn't wait for the Easter egg hunt to begin. They had a chocolate frenzy on the weekend, thanks to you and Guardian Angel Foods. Keep up the good work. 


Hi! I just received my order today for the Big Easter bunny Small bunny and Chocolate eggs. All I can say is WOW. I am very impressed with the quality of the product. They all look great and if they taste as good as they look (which I am sure they will) my little guy is going to have the BEST 'first Easter with chocolate.' 
Thank you so much for taking to heart how tough it is for our little people to go without at special times because of their allergies. You will definitely get my order next year! Thank you again and Happy Easter 

Janet E.


A special thank you for your wonderful safe Easter treats. My daughter (7) and son (5) were thrilled to receive their first large chocolate Easter bunny. When my daughter saw the bunny in her basket and saw your logo on the package she knew right away where it was from and that it was safe for her. She was so pleased that the Easter bunny found your company. Thank you so much. We love your products!

Hi, I've suffered from a severe allergy to nuts and eggs since I was small, and until I moved to Canada a few months ago and saw your products being advertised on TV, I had never had a cake for my birthday or Christmas (28 years!!). This year, I had one of your chocolate cakes for my birthday and I loved it! It is great that someone has started a company like yours to cater for people who usually miss out on treats like muffins and cakes - I hope that you will continue to sell such fantastic products that people like me can enjoy without worrying about a reaction. So thank you! Best wishes, 

Sarah H.


I just found a few of your cakes and cookies at a local grocery store and I wanted to take the time to truly thank you! Although I do NOT have food allergies, I am a VEGAN so knowing that your (very yummy I must add) deserts do not contain nor come in contact with milk and eggs has made me so ecstatic!!! 

I just tried the double chocolate cookies, and they were great!!! I hope you realize you haven't only helped those suffering from food allergens but also vegans like again greatly appreciated thank you soooooo much!! Very happy Vegan! Keep your products coming!
Just a short email to tell you how much our family enjoyed the Christmas Yule Log. My son was so excited to pick a cake out from the bakery section at the grocery store. With peanut and nut allergies, we can't buy store bought desserts. 

But because he developed his allergy at 4 1/2, he remembers when we did and always asks when we are in the grocery store. I'm also very concerned about the types of ingredients that are in today's prepared foods, and I was pleasantly surprised to read what was on your labels - it's the same ingredients that I would use in my own baking! No wonder they tasted so good - it's just like homemade. Thanks for putting such high quality food out there for us to enjoy. 

Nicole S. Mississagua, ON
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for providing nut allergy sufferers, as myself, (as well as dairy and egg) with the opportunity to enjoy the same deserts without the risk or fear of an allergic reaction. 

I was looking through the Metro flyer on Saturday and kept on seeing decadent deserts with lots of nuts. I was very disappointed but as I turned the page I saw the Christmas Yule log with the sign nut, dairy and egg free. This was a God sent. I usually feel so left out when everyone around me is indulging in deserts as I sit and wish I were "normal" like them. 

This gives me the opportunity to enjoy foods again. I will continue to buy your products and spread the word. Please continue on expanding your food lines as I know many feel the same relief as I do. Thanks again for considering allergy sufferers, especially during this time of year! 

Kathy K.

Bonjour! My daughter is 19 years old. She was diagnosed within her first year as anaphylactic (fatally allergic) to all dairy products, eggs, nuts, fish and shellfish. I have modified recipes and baked at home for her over the years, but I was never particularly successful at creating special-occasion cakes. 

Like one of the testimonials on the French side of the Guardian Angel website, my daughter would have another treat while her friends happily devoured her birthday cake, which she could not enjoy herself at her own birthday party. I had previously heard about Guardian Angel Foods being sold in Quebec, but learned only three days ago that these products were available in my neighbourhood LOEB grocery store in Orleans, Ontario. 

When I told my daughter about this development, she was so excited about finally being able to safely eat a special-occasion dessert, that she immediately drove to the store, and came home with a Guardian Angel cake. 

Well, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that the cake was absolutely delicious! My daughter was thrilled to be able to fully enjoy this dessert without worrying that it ‘may contain’ something that could prove fatal. And I was delighted to see my daughter with a huge smile on her face. Now, the bad news. I tried a piece, too. I thought the Guardian Angel cake was absolutely delicious, as well. 

And why is that bad? Because in three days, my daughter and I ate the whole cake! Fortunately, we will continue to go for our daily power walks, so that shouldn’t be a long-term problem. In the meantime, it has been decided without question that Guardian Angel products will be on our table in the future (with more power walks on the agenda!). Thank you for providing a great-tasting product that my daughter can enjoy, worry-free. 

Sandra S.
I am a mother of a 3 year old daughter who suffers from anaphylaxis to Eggs, Milk, and Peanuts. A friend had called me recently and told me that she learned of your company and thought I should visit your website. Let me tell you, when I went on to your site and read what you had to offer I couldnt stop crying uncontrollably. Not out of sadness but out of relief and joy! I could not believe that finally my daughter could eat a cake bought from a store with no allergens. It broke my heart every time to see my daughter stand in front of those pretty cakes at a bakery and wish she could just try one or have one for her birthday. 

This is huge in my world as I know it will open even more doors for people suffering from anaphylaxis. Especially the children. It gives them some normalcy in their lives so they do not have to feel left out or different or at risk all the time for anaphylactic shock. I am and will be a continuous supporter of you and what you are doing and have to offer because of the happiness and safety you bring to our lives, not to mention awareness.

I went to Dominion last week and saw your cakes there and excitedly bought one. It was so good and my daughter enjoyed it so much that in one week I bought 4 cakes and a pack of cookies. I bought 2 cakes alone to bring to someone elses birthday party so we could ALL eat it together. I have been telling a lot of people about you and will continue to do so. 

I have not gone back to work after learning that my daughter had anaphylaxis at only 6 months of age. Ive gone to several daycares in the area and they all have told me the same thing...that they will not stop and cannot guarantee an egg and milk free environment which puts my daughters life at risk. So my husband and i have only one income and we are limited but my world got a lot brighter since you have entered it. 

God bless you and thank you again. I look forward to seeing and enjoying many more of your products and those yet to come. Sincerely,

Jessica B.



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Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks
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