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Procedures and testing:

All of our desserts are prepared in a specialized dedicated bakery where absolutely no peanuts, other nuts, eggs or dairy products are ever allowed in. Our employees care about Guardian Angel Foods mission and follow very strict procedures to avoid any unwanted cross-contamination. 

We verify that our suppliers and their products remain allergen free. Of course, a zero level of risk doesn’t exist, but our procedures ensure that our desserts are much safer than any homemade treats. 

And, just so nothing is overlooked, Guardian Angel Foods regularly conducts allergy detection tests in laboratories on samples of both raw ingredients and finished products, in order to provide additional safety to our customers.

Over to you!

All precautions have been put into place in the factory to avoid cross-contamination. Now, make sure to follow these few basic rules to make sure to preserve the integrity and safety of the product: 

-Wash your hands carefully and thoroughly before serving. 
-Don’t break the product’s seal until the last moment, preferably in front of the allergy sufferer. 
-Always use clean utensils. 
-Always serve the allergy sufferers first.



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Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks
specially baked for those who suffer from food allergies. Contact us