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Guardian Angel Foods in the media:

June 2009

Allergic Living magazine talks about our recipe book «*May Contain Traces of Happiness» (available in French only, for now) : "What's striking is that the recipes are sophitiscated enough for guests, yet, like all the best cooking, are made of simple, fresh ingredients...", 

May 2009

"Hopping down the trail", Allergic Living magazine talks about our Easter Chocolates!

April 2009

"Easter treat for everybunny", an article by Kim Honey in the Toronto Star, about our Easter Chocolates.

March 2009
Julie La Rochelle was invited on BNN's Squeeze Play, to talk about Guardian Angel Foods. Kevin O'Leary said about the Double Chocolate Cookies: "It's like they came right out of the oven!"


December 2008 
Julie La Rochelle was a guest on Canada AM to give advice and recipes for allergen-free cooking !

December 2008 
"Flavour of love" Julie La Rochelle shares her allergy-free recipe for success, in the December Canadian Family magazine. 

November 2008
"Although Guardian Angel Food cakes are allergen-free, they are just as tasty as a classic white cake with whipped cream".

September 2008 city news
Julie La Rochelle was on City News "Finally! Kids with food allergies can have their cake and eat it too. Guardian Angel Foods is a line of allergen-free desserts that are peanut-free, nut-free, egg-free and dairy-free." 

August 2008 
Journalist Rita DeMontis wrote an article called "Let them eat cake" about Guardian Angel Foods. "We tested the chocolate cake and it came up a winner in the newsroom."

August 2008 
On her well-known blog, Jen McNeely raves about Guardian Angel Foods products : 
"Now, I know what you may be thinking….is this going to taste akin to when you are served a veggie burger at a backyard BBQ and it tastes like birdseed? Not at all, and the next time I go to a birthday party I will hit up the frozen food section in Dominion first, as Guardian Angel, despite the angelic name, has kicked other frozen dessert – AND FRESH bakery counter sweets in la derriere."

Photo the gazetteJuly 2008 
On the front page of the Business section, Mike King signed a wonderful article about Guardian Angel Foods : "Let them Eat Cake". 

June 2008
On June 4, Les Aliments Ange-Gardien organized a news conference in cooperation with the Association Québécoise des Allergies Alimentaires (AQAA) to announce that Les Aliments Ange-Gardien now offers four kinds of CAC- certified cakes. Les Aliments Ange-Gardien is in fact the very first company in the world to certify its products for the four allergens targeted by the CAC ( Certified Allergen Control) program: peanuts, almonds, eggs and milk. 

June 2008
Julie La Rochelle is the Allergic Living's Bright Light ! "(...) delectable cakes, cookies and muffins that are free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, milk ans sesame and wich have quickly become known for their "wow" factor." 

photo dominique RollinMay 2008 
Guardian Angel Foods was given the Award of Excellence for best new business of the year by the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de la Rive-Sud at the prestigious Dominique-Rollin gala.

April 2008 
In this month's Ricardo, Guardian Angel Foods gets a perfect score of 10/10 in Hélène Laurendeau's article ! 

Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks 
specially baked for those who suffer from food allergies. Contact us



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Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks
specially baked for those who suffer from food allergies. Contact us