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Frequently asked questions about Guardian Angel Foods:


Why the reference to a "guardian angel" in your company name?

Did you know that even a trace of an allergen can cause an allergic reaction in some people? Food allergy sufferers need a watchful presence to ensure that what they eat is safe. And this is precisely my mission: to apply the greatest possible rigour in watching over those for whom food poses a daily challenge. To be their "guardian angel," as it were!


You often mention your laboratory analyses. What exactly do you do?

This refers to the tests we conduct on our raw materials and finished products. Our analyses can detect the slightest trace of allergens in a given sample. Many other companies claim to be allergen-free. But without laboratory testing, how can you be sure? More about safety


Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available in bakeries and supermarkets. In the latter, you're most likely to find our products with the frozen desserts in the baked goods section. See our list of retail sales outlets to find the store nearest you.


There are no retail sales outlets nearby. What can I do?

Why not give our contact information to the manager of your local bakery or supermarket? We would be delighted to provide them with all the information they need, should they wish to become another sales outlet. You can also give them this letter.


Why are all your products sealed in plastic?

To avoid any risk of cross-contamination outside of our factory. The plastic film is your guarantee that the product was handled entirely in the fully secure surroundings at Aliments Ange-Gardien. Never buy a product whose plastic seal has been broken or removed.


Do your products contain soy, gluten and/or wheat?

Yes. ALL of our products contain them. If you have a soy, gluten or wheat allergy, then, sadly, our products are not for you. Rest assured, however, that we are currently doing our utmost to try and eliminate the maximum number of allergens from our products.


Does your margarine contain any dairy products?

No. The margarine we use is made entirely from vegetable oils. Not only that: it's also regularly tested in the laboratory to ensure the absence of any trace dairy products.


Do you offer sugar-free products for diabetics?

No. The company's mission is to give food allergy sufferers (and their families and friends) their just desserts. The quantity of sugar we use is comparable to the quantities used in other commercially made desserts. We feel that people who suffer from food allergies have so few opportunities to sweeten their smiles...


Why do your products cost a little more?

Ensuring food safety and high quality products has its price. We conduct regular (and costly) laboratory analyses; we have also implemented strict procedures within our factories to ensure product integrity. What's more, we use only the highest-quality ingredients. Ultimately, our desserts are comparable in price to those available in quality bakeries.


Are your products suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

Yes. We use absolutely no animal byproducts in our desserts. Besides being safe for food allergy sufferers, they're also perfect for vegans and vegetarians.


Do your desserts contain any cow's milk proteins?
No. All the fats we use are derived exclusively from vegetable oils.

We are always more than happy to respond to your questions. When it comes to food allergies, we know that you can't be too careful. Don't hesitate to contact usfor further information.

Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks 
specially baked for those who suffer from food allergies. Contact us





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Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks
specially baked for those who suffer from food allergies. Contact us