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Our commitment toward those suffering from food allergies… and their entourage!

Why "Guardian Angel"? Did you know that even a trace of an allergen could cause a severe allergic reaction in some people? Food allergy sufferers need a watchful presence watching over them, making sure everything they consume is safe. 

This is precisely the mission I gave myself: watching over, as rigorously as possible, those for whom eating poses a daily challenge. My involvement doesn’t stop there. I also want to offer desserts as delicious as they are appetizing, cakes that inspire "joy" and "celebration" so that the little ones (and the not so little) can find a certain freedom from care when comes dessert time. 

Why limit your eating pleasure? 

Try some of our treats: discover our wonderful cakes for all occasions, delectable muffins, delicious cookies and mouth-watering dessert breads, all of which are simply irresistible… 

Nobody will ever believe that they are entirely devoid of peanuts, nuts, dairy products and eggs!!


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Guardian Angel Foods is a company from Boucherville, Quebec, that produce delicious desserts and snacks
specially baked for those who suffer from food allergies. Contact us